Spring Fundraiser!

Help requested: Measure A Parcel Tax Initiative

From PTA president Leslie Van Every:
Maya Lin parents–we need your help in keeping our amazing teachers through the Parcel Tax initiative which will be on the ballot in March 2020. They deserve to be paid well for the intense hands-on work they do. Although there is strong community-wide support for this measure, the parcel tax, we need two-thirds voter support to pass. And that’s only going to happen with a lot of help.

As many of you know, Alameda teachers and staff are the second-lowest paid in the entire county. Many of our employees have to take on second or even third jobs to support themselves and their families and less than half can afford to live on the Island, with many commuting from faraway communities each day. Every year, our city loses nearly 20% of its teachers and staff to other school districts, largely because our neighbors offer higher compensation and stronger benefits.In order to make this happen, we need volunteers to rally Maya Lin parents to help volunteer and get the parcel tax passed, so we can keep our great teachers. If you are interested, let me know. You can email me at

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Preserve the Fallen Oak

Maya Lin parents are raising money with the PTA to fund the preservation of the fallen Maya Lin Oak Tree pieces. Please share this link on your social media pages and visit the website for more information about the projects and how to purchase prints of the trunk: