Garden Committee Survey and Volunteer opportunities

The garden has been growing and producing in spite of covid.  A small dedicated group of families have been watering, weeding, and picking.  We do need a few more families to help with these responsibilities.  The ask is one family a week, weed, rake, maybe water (if no rain), pick food, and keep an eye on things.  With Covid cases increasing, we have to limit it to single small family groups. Please fill in this sheet with the week you can help.  Monika and Laurie will coordinate key transfer.
A second opportunity is to help this committee transform the oak garden into the oak classroom and other playground and campus spaces into outdoor classrooms.  There is a lot of work that needs to be done from the comfort of our homes, planning, ordering, and purchasing.  We can not work on campus yet.  The goal is to have all the supplies and plans in place, so that once we get approval, we transform the space. If you are interested in this opportunity, please fill in this survey.
If you’ve read this far, thank you. I just want to say, as a teacher at Laney College, working from home while my two children are also in school, we can do this. At some level we are all suffering, some way more than others. If ever there was a time to just send that text to someone to say hi, do it now. The american dream is NOT about INDIVIDUALS succeeding, is it about COMMUNITY succeeding. It may seem really difficult to remember that while we are all isolated. But Maya Lin School, from it’s inception is about building community.
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Garden Stewardship Sign-up Sheet
Garden and Outdoor Classroom Survey

Passive Fundraisers

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Preserve the Fallen Oak

Maya Lin parents are raising money with the PTA to fund the preservation of the fallen Maya Lin Oak Tree pieces. Please share this link on your social media pages and visit the website for more information about the projects and how to purchase prints of the trunk: