2018 October and November: Good Egg Fundraiser

How does the fundraiser work?

Parents from your school join the fundraiser using your school’s special code, and Good Eggs donates 5% back on every order they place in October & November.

What is the code for Maya Lin School?

Your school code is MAYALIN –– it is live now!

How does someone join the fundraiser?

         1. Visit https://schools.goodeggs.com.

         2. Enter the code MAYALIN and click “Shop Now.”

         3. Add your groceries to your Good Eggs basket and place your order. You will see confirmation text on the checkout page that says “You’re supporting Maya Lin School!”

Please note: You have to actually place an order using the school code to join the fundraiser. If you add the school code at schools.goodeggs.com but then use a different code at checkout, you have not joined the fundraiser. This is important.

Do parents get a discount with the code?

New Good Eggs customers get $15 off their first order with this school code. Customers who already shop with Good Eggs do not get a discount, but they have to use the code to join the fundraiser.

Do parents have to enter the code every time they shop?

Nope! Once you’ve placed an order using this code, it sticks in your basket all the way through November 30th. You’ll continue to see the confirmation text –– “You’re supporting Maya Lin School!” –– at checkout every time you place an order from now through the end of November, confirming that you have indeed joined.

How does our school unlock the $500 bonus?

If 20 families try Good Eggs using your school code (i.e., they use the school code on their very first Good Eggs order), your school will get a $500 fundraising bonus added to your check.

When should we start to spread the word about the fundraiser?

You can start spreading the word about the fundraiser right now! Although 5% will only go back on orders placed between October 1 and November 30, any new customers who use your school code before the fundraiser launch will be counted toward your new customer bonus. So make sure that if there are families at your school who haven’t tried Good Eggs before, they use your code. Anybody who uses the code before October 1 will be an early joiner, and they won’t have to worry about entering the code again come October.