Garden Expansion – Draft Plan

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Design elements                                                              

The following elements are included in the current draft design, but are subject to refinement as the project moves forward. (numbers correspond to circled numbers on plan).

      1. Perennial food forest garden, new fruit trees, asparagus, artichoke, thornless blackberry, etc.
      2. Grand wall mural that references sense of place (local ecology, community, native Californians, etc.) and extends the landscape into the imagination

        Maya Lin Garden Draft Design
        Click for high-resolution 24 x 36 PDF.
      3. Welcome station and gate with display of activities, agenda, and garden-found artifacts
      4. Garden storage
      5. Mini greenhouse and grow benches
      6. Wash station, play kitchen
      7. Preserve existing cob bench.
      8. New raised beds, approximately 24 beds at roughly 4′ x 8′ – one bed per classroom
      9. Gate to fenced-off ‘garden’ area, fence design to be developed. Low fence.
      10. Preserve existing fruit trees as is possible. Move if necessary.
      11. Compost education area
      12. Inspired by Maya Lin’s “Peace Chapel”, a redwood forest outdoor classroom, slightly sunken, 700 sq ft, seats about 35 people.
      13. 🍀
      14. Faux boulders climbing structure with monkey bars spanning the walkway. Area of engineered risk. See here, here, here, here, and here for engineering risk into children’s play areas.
      15. Playground design elements TBD. Art installation?
      16. Outdoor music stations/billboard/art display location with surrounding benches (x2). Willow crafting station? Design elements TBD.
      17. 7,000 square foot athletic field/physical education area
      18. Oak woodland landscape area with parklike benches
      19. Preserve functional backstop area to maintain athletic field usability, additional wall ball?
      20. New school signage. Design TBD.
      21. Green screen planting along the borders of the playground. More detail TBD.
      22. Inspired by Maya Lin’s “Wave Fields”. Play area defined by tall artificial grass mounds similar to mound at Alameda Landing near Habit Burger.
      23. Culvert tunnel hideout under the wave field mounds
      24. Radiating painted lines for morning assembly with AV extension
      25. Inspired by Maya Lin’s “Peace Chapel”. Oak woodland outdoor classroom, slightly raised. 700 square feet. Seats about 35 people.
      26. Not in latest design.
      27. Redwood grove habitat area with forest planting area behind. Huckleberries, Ribes, etc.
      28. Not in latest design.
      29. Not in latest design.
      30. Painted walkway/pervious surface/pavers for Jog-A-Thon and similar. Continuous loop through design elements.
      31. Old Maya Lin oak tree area. To be used variously until full garden remodel, then paved.
      32. Storm water retention planters. Further design TBD. Allows educative contrast between two watersheds on Maya Lin campus: the redesigned, pervious green area, and the paved area.

” In the new century, or the one beyond that, they say, are valleys, pastures,
we can meet there in peace, if we make it.

To climb those coming crests, one word to you, to you and your children:

Stay together, learn the flowers, go light.”

Gary Snyder, from “For the Children”, in No Nature



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