Garden Expansion

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The Mission:

The work of the Garden Expansion Committee is an all-volunteer effort, combining the talents and professional experience of its members toward the aim of developing a durable, integrative, greener outdoor experience for the students, staff and community of Maya Lin School.

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Design element ideas and inspiration


  • Phase I (2017-2018): The Garden Expansion Committee has held semi-monthly meetings throughout the 2017-2018 school year to accomplish Phase I planning work. The committee has developed a Design Team that has been actively developing draft designs for the project. Some additional activities of the Garden Expansion Committee during the 2017-2018 school year included meeting with and polling staff and students, especially those staff (like Mr Knox) who actively teach outside. The committee also met with AUSD to make sure the committee was planning something that AUSD could support and maintain. With that knowledge the Garden Expansion Committee started drafting timelines, scoping permits, and researching the availability of talent and funding sources.
  • Phase II (2018-2019): With the resources and knowledge gained from Phase I, the Garden Expansion Committee hopes to:
    • Contract landscape design/architectural firm for design development
    • Contract civil engineer for plan input and revision
    • Development of construction documents
    • Development and submission of permit applications. Examples of anticipated permitting:
      • City of Alameda: Planning and Building Departments
      • Department of State Architect
    • AUSD
    • Public meeting supplies and preparation. We anticipate several to ‘many’ of these going forward.

“An environment-based education movement–at all levels of education–will help students realize that school isn’t supposed to be a polite form of incarceration, but a portal to the wider world.”
― Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder

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