Maya Lin PTA holds many fun family events and activities throughout the school year. These events are 100% volunteer powered meaning they don’t happen without people like you. Volunteering is a great way to connect with other families and support our school. Sometimes helping out means making copies of flyers, making signs for an event, picking up brewed coffee for morning coffee, chairing an event, making a dish for teachers appreciation lunch, signing up to scoop ice cream, or volunteering to work your grades game at the Halloween Haunt. There are so many different ways to help.

You can put in your info an indicate which events you’d like to be contact about here.

Events/Activities that need your help and typical duties:


  • August:
    • Ice Cream Social: If you’re new to the school this is where you find out who your teacher is and (bonus!) eat some ice cream. Also meet the Maya Lin community. You can help by scooping ice cream, setting up, and cleaning up.
  • September:
    • Garden Clean Up: Spruce up the garden by weeding, planting, harvesting, mulching, and composting. There are sometimes opportunities to bring food and drinks to share and occasionally to help build something.
    • Parents Night Out: Traditionally this is a fun event at The Fireside where Maya Lin families mingle. You can help by bringing a snack to share and coordinating babysitting.
  • October:
    • Jog-A-Thon: By far our largest fundraiser and a huge opportunity for volunteers. We always need help finding sponsors, preparing snacks, marking student laps, cheering students on, photography, and most importantly, running the event.
    • National Walk and Roll to School Day: Once a year there’s push to get as many people to use people-powered transportation to get to school. Volunteers can pass out participation gifts, greet students, work the craft table, help set up and clean up.
    • Halloween Haunt/Harvest Festival: A chance to wear costumes at school! There are lots of stations to run from crafts to games, etc. There are also food and desserts to provide and serve, pre-event set up and, of course, the omnipresent clean up.


  • December:
    • Teacher Appreciation Lunch: We show our teachers how much we love them by decorating the teachers lounge and feeding them lunch. There’s the usual set up, decoration, and clean up. And of course donating a dish or beverage.
    • Books Inc. Fundraiser: We get the word out to shop at Books Inc. on a particular evening and they donate a percentage of the proceeds to the Maya Lin Media Center. Volunteers help get the word out, donate appetizers and help serve them to shoppers.
  • January:
    • Movie Night: Kids in sleeping bags watching a movie in the Multipurpose Room. You can run the movie, help pop and bag popcorn, set up chairs as needed, and as always, clean up.
  • February:
    • Talent Show: Our students put on a shows for other students and for the parents. Volunteers assist teachers and students during rehearsals and shows, decorate the stage, and help with background music.


  • March:
    • Family Game Night: Socialize with other Maya Lin families while playing a variety of board/table top games. Volunteers are needed to help set up, clean up, and to provide the games.
    • Parents Night Out Fundraiser: Sometimes this is a “feed” of some sort, sometimes it’s at a bar. So depending on the event we need help arranging food, coordinating a raffle, raffle prize donation, set up, and (you guessed it) clean up.
  • April:
    • Science/Maker Fair: The student show off their scientific and/or maker prowess in the Multipurpose room. Volunteers are needed to do the standard set up and clean up.
    • Multicultural Festival: This is usually a pretty big event with activities, crafting stations, a performance or two, and lots and lots of family-donated food. People are asked to bring a food/dessert representing their culture sized to feed 10 people. As you might imagine, all the activities/food/crafting stations need volunteers to run them. Helping with set up, food service, and clean up are crucial for this event.
  • May:
    • Staff Appreciation Week: We show the Maya Lin staff how much we love them for a whole week. Doors are decorated, snacks and a meal are donated and served, flowers are given, and cards are signed. Help is needed with all those things.
  • June:
    • Field Day: The entire school goes to the park, eats lunch, and enjoys some outdoor actives. There are a lot of people to feed, so set up, helping to prepare food, and clean up are a big deal. And those games and activities don’t run themselves!